how to buy litecoin

There are no deposit fees, no conversion fees for USD contracts, and the platform only charges a low withdrawal fee of $5. In contrast to BTC, which confirms a new block every 10 minutes, Litecoin processes a new block per 2.5 minutes. This mechanism allows Litecoin to verify transactions more quickly. Charlie Lee, who also worked for Google and Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange. Litecoin was among the first altcoins that sprung up along with Bitcoin and offered faster and lighter transactions than the leading cryptocurrency.

So, if you’d like to buy Litecoin, this section will introduce a step-by-step guide to help you buy it online and store your coins safely. This is an essential step as it guards against the depreciation of Litecoin in value. Restricting the number of Litecoin s in circulation, therefore, allay people’s fears of overproduction. Litecoin creates a block which is a ledger entry of recent transactions every 2.5 minutes.

When I’ve checked recently, I’ve found that it’s near-enough the real exchange rate. CoinJar is a cryptocurrency platform where you can buy, sell, and store Litecoin . It also supports a number of other cryptocurrencies – like Bitcoin , Ethereum , and Ripple .

How do I buy Litecoin instantly?

With the instant purchase option, you can get Litecoin quickly. Just specify how much you want to buy and provide your payment card details. As soon as your card is verified, you’ll be able to check the details of your order and confirm it.

We’ve talked about the importance of regulation, payment methods, and fees – in terms of what is litecoin. Whilst this might sound appealing, we should mention that these crypto exchanges are often unregulated – therefore you are heightening your risks. In short, Litecoin seems to be a digital asset worth investing in, despite the controversies about its future. Many experts consider it an excellent alternative to Bitcoin, while others predict that the project is a good short-term investment, but might fail in the long term.

How To Buy Litecoin With Coinbase Pro

Unfortunately, you can’t pay for your cryptos with your debit or credit cards. Plus, the exchange does not accept e-wallet payments such as PayPal or Neteller. This created widespread panic, a credit crunch and consequential collapse of the financial.

Further, the platform provides traders with deposits of up to 25% on fees when you pay for the transaction charge using BNB tokens. You will need to register a cryptocurrency trading account with an exchange or brokerage that lists Litecoins.

how to buy litecoin

We are certainly big fans of these currencies of the future, but we prefer the CFD trading route. To do this you are required to send a passport/driver’s license and to jump through several other hoops. It is is all standard stuff, but it can be time consuming and frustrating. As mentioned above, the distrust that is out there concerning exchanges means that some people are unwilling to go through with this.


You’ll pay just fees of up to 0.5%, regardless of whether you’re a market maker or a market taker. They’re not the cheapest options, but many people prefer the buying experience offered by these options. This is a subjective question as it really depends on your own personal views. There is no denying that Bitcoin is the de-facto cryptocurrency of choice and is always likely to be. However, in terms of the underlying technology, Litecoin transactions are faster, cheaper, and more scalable. To complete your commission-free Litecoin investment, click on the ‘Open Trade’ button. To go through the relevant investment page, enter ‘Litecoin’ into the search box.

Activate your account by clicking the link received on your registered email address. Once the ATM has successfully scanned the QR code, insert the cash into the ATM deposit machine.

how to buy litecoin

This is because third-party exchanges often require you to transfer your LTC coins from your wallet to that of the exchange. This tells your online broker that you want to enter the Litecoin market at the current, or nearest price.

Don’t forget, at eToro, the commission is 0%, so this is a huge difference. Coinbase is one of the most trusted cryptocurrency brokers globally and is one of the best crypto exchanges. Based in the US, it now has over 35 million customers from more than 100 cryptocurrency types different locations. The Copy Trading feature allows you to copy an eToro investor like-for-like. In other words, if they risk 3% of their portfolio on Litecoin, you’ll do the same. Then you have CopyPortfolios, which are fully managed by the eToro team.

Step 6: Storing Your Litecoin

But if you stick with the major ones, such as Coinbase, then you’re safe. Some certainly seem to think so, but there are just as many who think otherwise. If you look at the rapid pace at which cryptocurrencies have evolved over the last few years then the smart money is to suggest that they will continue growing. If that is the case then all of the big currencies, including Litecoin, should increase in value. Whatever platform you decide to go with, it’s smart to do extensive research on Litecoin if you want to buy it. It is profitable, but check all your options before you dive into it. We summarized the best platforms where you can buy Litecoin in the UK, but it’s up to you whether you are going to do it and if it fits your wants and needs.

If you already have a linked card, you will see its details in this pop-up. To the right you’ll see the amount of litecoins you are going to get. The exchange rate and the processing fee will crypto wallet vs exchange be displayed at the bottom. Enter the amount of funds you wish to purchase LTC with and click Proceed. If you’re using the web-version, find a button you need to click to make a purchase.

Coinbase Pro is a cryptocurrency exchange targeted at cryptocurrency traders. The fees on Coinbase Pro are lower (up to 0.5%) than on Coinbase (at least 1.5%), but it can be intimidating if you’ve never used something like it before. Coinbase Pro was the 1st major cryptocurrency exchange to accept GBP deposits through the UK Faster Payments Service . This means deposits to Coinbase Pro will usually be credited in less than an hour! After your first deposit, I found that Coinbasde Pro processed my GBP deposits within minutes. Kane Pepi is a British researcher and writer that specializes in finance, financial crime, and blockchain technology.

When Bittylicious sees the transfer has taken place it transfers the Bitcoin to the specified wallet. The whole process can take a couple of hours but is usually complete within about 15 minutes.

It is one of the most accessible and most reputable payment methods. But it isn’t as convenient as buying Litecoin with credit/debit cards or eWallet. Crypto brokerages will also demand higher deposit minimums when you want to make bank wire. On eToro, for instance, the minimum deposit for bank transfers is $500.

Litecoin Wallets: Safely Storing Your Ltc

Additionally, depending on the type of partnership, this can increase real-world usage for the digital coin. This also increases mass awareness, which again, can result in demand for cryptocurrency rising. In comparison to its initial exchange listing price, this translates into returns of over 11,000%. In other words, had you invested just £500 into Litecoin just a decade ago, your money would have been over £55,000 when it peaked in 2018. However, we should note that Litecoin has since dropped in value. As such, had you bought Litecoin in its early days, you would have paid less than $3 when it first hit a public exchange.

When should I buy LTC?

Most LTC claims begin when people are in their 80s. Because of that, somewhere between ages 50 and 65 is generally the most cost-effective time to buy. The younger you are, the lower the cost—but if you purchase too early, you’ll be paying premiums for a longer period of time.

For example, in the UK, brokers selling Litecoin in exchange for British pounds must be authorized and regulated by the FCA. As you can imagine, shady platforms don’t quite meet the requirements of the FCA, so they choose to remain unregulated. As such, you will never struggle to find a buyer when it comes to cashing out. When using eToro, you can sell your Litecoin investment 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. As soon as you do, the funds will be instantly available for withdrawal.

Can I Buy Litecoin Online On The Coinsfera Website?

While your first deposit might take a little longer to process, this means that subsequent deposits will usually be credited on CoinJar within minutes of you sending them. In terms of buying Litecoin, you can actually do this with a debit or credit card. After uploading your passport or driver’s license, the card purchase will be processed instantly. This makes Binance useful if you want to buy Litecoin right now.

  • Charlie Lee, who also worked for Google and Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange.
  • Enter your payment details and authenticate them to complete the transaction.
  • You, for instance, only need $1 to start buying Litecoins on Kraken.
  • If you hold a smaller amount, you can use non-custodial wallets like Coinomi, Trust Wallet, or Atomic Wallet to store your litecoins.
  • is an online CFD trading brokerage started in 2016.
  • Select your preferred payment method, enter and authenticate the payment details to complete the transaction.

When looking to buy Litecoin in the UK, you have plenty of reputable sources to rely on. Many cryptocurrency exchanges list Litecoin and most of them allow you to pay with GBP using your credit or debit card, as well as wire transfers. Then, you’ll need to trade your Bitcoin with Litecoin through a cryptocurrency exchange platform. It’s a tricky and slow process that adds up fees, as you have to perform a higher number of transactions. The exchange doesn’t store your financial information, so every time you make a purchase, you’ll have to enter the data.

Many cryptocurrency experts consider Litecoin an excellent investment that can bring good long-term returns. It’s a well-established project that stands as the 16th largest digital asset in the cryptocurrency charts and is more stable compared to thousands of others.

You can pay for your digital coins in GBP directly with your debit or credit card . Litecoin has remained a very popular cryptocurrency over time, holding in the top ten largest by market cap for the past several years. Along with that the price action of Litecoin remains extremely volatile and active, making this one of the better cryptocurrencies for trading purposes. In 2019 and 2020 Litecoin has seen several peaks and valley, with its price doubling in some cases within months, or being cut in half in the same short period of time.

Author: Chaim Gartenberg