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Lopetegui: We deserved a draw, another goal scored

Lopetegui: We deserved a draw, another goal scored

Sevilla head coach Julen Lopetegui summed up the lost match against Borussia D (2:3) in the 1/8 finals of the Champions League.

“Bad result. The home loss to Dortmund may not be positive, but we still have one game left and we intend to take advantage of this opportunity. Let’s fly with claims and hopes for success.

We didn’t deserve to lose, but they have one of the best players in the world who changed everything. Kara turned out to be redundant. We deserved a draw, one more goal scored. In the first half, we were punished every time for breaking into our penalty area.

In the first half, we were unable to protect ourselves from their interceptions and lost balls where it could have been avoided in order not to concede. Mistakes happen and we get punished for them.

But from the second half, I can take out for myself our mood, and attitude to work, and character, and in general, all the work done by the team. Dortmund had almost no counterattacks, and it’s not easy to play against them with a score of 1:3.

There was a reboot in our team during the break. We squeezed everything we could out of ourselves and found opportunities to recoup. We will need to bounce back quickly and rise up for the upcoming fights.

In the second half we’re something pin up tweaked. There was a difficult moment – we must not forget that they had world-class football players who got a lot of space for counterattacks. And Haaland, and Sancho, and Royce – it was not easy against everyone, but the team worked well. It took a lot of effort, and it’s a pity that we were not fully deservedly rewarded for this,” Lopetegui is quoted as saying UEFA official website.

Video of goals and review of the match Sevilla – Borussia D is available on ISPORT.

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Ronaldo is the first in the world to reach half a billion social media followers

Ronaldo is the first in the world to reach half a billion social media followers

Juventus striker Cristiano Ronaldo becomes the first person to reach 500 million social media followers. Goal reports.

He has 261 million followers on Instagram, 148 million on Facebook and 91 million on Twitter.

Ronaldo is one of the highest paid players in the world. Last summer, it was reported that the 36-year-old forward became the first football player in history to earn over $1 billion.

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Recall that Cristiano began his professional career in 2002 as part of the Lisbon Sporting. He also defended the colors of Manchester United and Real Madrid, and in 2018 he moved to Juventus. Cristiano played 170 games for Portugal and scored 102 goals.

Earlier beloved Portuguese Georgina Rodriguez showed the gifts that Cristiano received on his birthday.

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Нидерланды объявили финальную заявку на Евро-2020

Королевский футбольный союз Нидерландов итоговую заявку национальной команды на Евро-2020.

В список попали 26 футболистов: три голкипера, девять защитников, семь хавбеков и семь нападающих.

Заявка Нидерландов на Евро:

Вратари: Яспер Силлессен (Валенсия), Тим Крул (Норвич), Мартен Pin Up Стекеленбург (Аякс)

Защитники: Маттейс де Лигт (Ювентус), Дэйли Блинд (Аякс), Натан Аке (Манчестер Сити), Овен Вейндал (АЗ), Журриен Тимбер (Утрехт), Жоэль Велтман (Брайтон), Дензел Дюмфрис (ПСВ), Стефан де Фрай (Интер), Патрик ван Аанхольт (Кристал Пэлас).

Полузащитники: Френки де Йонг (Барселона), Райан Гравенберх (Аякс), Джорджиньо Вайналдум (Ливерпуль), Донни ван де Бек (Манчестер Юнайтед), Мартен де Рон (Аталанта), Дэйви Классен (Аякс), Тен Копмейнерс (АЗ).

Нападающие: Мемфис Депай (Лион), Люк де Йонг (Севилья), Вут Вегхорст (Вольфсбург), Коди Гакпо (ПСВ), Дониэлл Мален (ПСВ), Стевен Бергхейс (Фейеноорд), Квинси Промес (Спартак).

Напомним, чемпионат Европы пройдет с 11 июня по 11 июля. На групповой стадии Нидерланды сыграют против Украины, Австрии и Северной Македонии.

Ранее главный тренер “оранжевых” матча против команды Андрея Шевченко.

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